Exploring the Benefits of Hotel Chatbots: A Complete Guide

Hospitality Chatbots: The impact on the hotel industry 2023 by ODYNS

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The implementation of our AI chatbot has significantly transformed Grandeur Hotel’s customer service experience. They’ve achieved greater efficiency, increased profitability, and more satisfied customers — a true testament to the power of AI in modern business operations. Guests can interact with the chatbot to place room service orders, request additional towels, or report issues.

chatbot hotel

Once the customer service chatbot is set up, visitors can ask the chatbot any questions they have about their stay, such as what time breakfast is served or where the closest laundromat is. Additionally, since it’s accessible around-the-clock, visitors can get responses to their inquiries even when the front desk is closed. The WhatsApp Chatbot can manage room bookings and reservations 24/7, allowing customers to book rooms directly through their WhatsApp. It provides real-time availability and pricing information, enhancing the convenience for guests. The primary goal of these promotions is to generate leads and create brand awareness. To that end, a WhatsApp business number or a Facebook page, powered by Picky Assist’s AI chatbot, can be incorporated into every promotional material.

Four Use Cases for the Hotel & Travel Chatbots

And while some of your staff may be multi-lingual, more than likely that’s not going to cover all of your bases. Such language barriers can open up the door for miscommunication, and leave your international guests feeling awkward. After all, mutual comprehension is the foundation for a pleasant and collaborative experience. Luckily, hotel chatbots can help you translate and can even be programmed to speak several different languages. That means you need to think about ways you can develop flows for different types of inquiries, and build the responses that will trigger the right response.

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Another reported issue with Alexa is that it has on occasion unexpectedly woken up guests in the middle of the night. Obviously you don’t want the device to negatively impact the guests stay in any way. This entails phoning up the relevant department or speaking to relevant staff in person. The problems involved include difficulties reaching the right person, or delays in the human operator completing the task. Not only is there a wait for the receptionist, but the process of checking in takes time. Marina Bay Sands is an integrated luxury resort in Singapore with an array of attractions and activities from retail and dining to their theatre shows.

How Chatbots Will Transform Customer Experience : An Infographic

Chatbots can also be used at the start of the booking journey, learning about what a particular user is looking for, how much money they want to spend, and so forth, before making smart recommendations. Below, you will find 10 reasons chatbots have become a key part of many hotel management strategies. The main benefit here is simplicity, meaning it can be extremely cost-effective. However, chatbot communication may be noticeably less natural than human interaction, which can be off-putting.

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Check out even more Use cases of Generative AI Chatbots in the Travel and Hospitality Industry. Automate your business processes without causing disruption to underlying systems. Our sales team will walk you through a demo of STAN to help you customize a tailored solution for your community. STAN can be configured to handle any request a guest may have during their stay. Guests ask STAN about reservation details, account balances, upcoming fees, and other documents related to their hotel stay.

Your team will be freed up to offer greater service in other areas, like managing trickier client inquiries and offering concierge services. Additionally, since chatbots are accessible around-the-clock, they may help even when your team is not on duty. It is made to automate customer service activities in the hospitality sector, including making reservations, disclosing details about hotel amenities, and responding to frequent inquiries.

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The bot will then find the best options and suggest them to the customer directly through the messaging app. Chatbots are one of many technological advances that could be used in the hospitality sector (and wider travel). Every industry, from hotels to airlines, uses chatbots to improve its marketing strategies, up-sell performance, and guest service. Chatbot platforms allow travel brands to answer customer questions and enhance their relationship with them via text, and improve customer engagement.

This reduces the load on your customer service team and decreases the need for additional staff, leading to significant savings in operational costs. Absolutely, the WhatsApp Chatbot can be programmed to answer a wide range of FAQs, including details about hotel amenities, services, restaurant hours, and more. It enables guests to get their questions answered directly via WhatsApp, a platform they frequently use.

Increasing direct bookings is a top priority for those in the hotel industry. After all, hotels do not need to pay commissions on these bookings, resulting in higher profits. A hotel chatbot can help with this, increasing the number of conversions on the hotel website by answering questions quickly. The best hotel chatbot will be one that has been designed specifically for the hotel or hospitality industry, with the hotel booking and sales funnel in mind.


In fact, you’re working your way up to growing and acquiring loyal customers. Believe it or not, the cost of acquiring a new customer is much more than retaining an existing one. Hence, “Giving a 15% discount on direct bookings will make you more money than a booking from an OTA costing you 15% commission”. For the benefit of those, a computer programme backed by artificial intelligence is taught to mimic human conversations — and that’s what we call a chatbot! They’ve been floating around the web everywhere and if you’ve come across Siri, Cortana or Google Assistant, then you definitely know what to expect of a chatbot.

  • Run using artificial intelligence, a chatbot is basically a computer answering your guests, instead of a person.
  • You can send the best to your customers through a messaging app such as Facebook Messenger.
  • All information, instantly available to a guest’s mobile device, without any downloads.

Consider a customer who enjoys an early morning coffee and is traveling in the morning with a spouse, who is likely to reach the hotel in an hour’s time. Some engagement solutions allow you to set precise triggers to send the conversation to the right person at the right moment. For context, the human can read previous messages, so users don’t have to repeat the same message.

It will be accessible 24/7, help give an immediate response to customer queries and provide all necessary details about your property. Chatbots use AI technology known as Natural Language Processing (NLP) to understand what’s being asked and trigger the correct answer. Still, we’ve got a long way to go before these algorithms are advanced enough to handle the entirety of the customer lexicon. So before you turn to a chatbot, it’s important to understand that it’s on you to set the parameters that keep customers from getting frustrated.

  • Because clients travel from all over the world and it is unlikely that hotels will be able to afford to hire employees with the requisite translation skills, this can be very helpful.
  • This ensures that chatbots can access the necessary data and provide guests with accurate and real-time information during their interactions.
  • The option for creating different customizable packages and the detail statistics report showing different kinds of reports is something that I like the most, apart from many other features of this hotel booking system.
  • These tiny pieces of software employ natural language processing (NLP), allowing you to interact with them naturally and mimic human behavior in a conversational setting.

Salesforce is the CRM market leader and Salesforce Contact Genie enables multi-channel live chat supported by AI-driven assistants. Salesforce Contact Center enables workflow automation for many branches of the CRM and especially for the customer service operations by leveraging chatbot and conversational AI technologies. As voice recognition technology continues to grow and users become more comfortable using it, chatbots are likely to evolve to be more voice-based than text-based. While rule-based chatbots are likely to remain useful for the foreseeable future, the advantages of AI-based options are undeniable.


But worry not, as our platform at HotelMinder helps you choose the ideal chatbot for your hotel. Our list of trusted vendors promises to provide chatbots that will exceed your expectations, making guest experiences memorable. We wanted to leverage chatbots and conversational UI to develop a solution that would help Sheraton and the Travel Industry in general.

AI Chatbots reduce costs and improve guest services in hotels – ETHospitality

AI Chatbots reduce costs and improve guest services in hotels.

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They can make pertinent suggestions for activities and services that are customized to each guest by keeping track of guest preferences and previous purchases. Customers benefit from a more memorable experience, while hotels benefit by saving time and money by using less human labor. AI chatbots provide hotels with a resource- and money-efficient solution to provide guests with individualized and excellent customer service. This blog article will examine how AI chatbots are reshaping the hospitality sector by cutting costs and enhancing the client experience. Instead of navigating through a website or downloading an app, guests can simply start a conversation with the bot through their preferred messaging platform. The booking bot can guide them through the reservation process step by step, making it more convenient and user-friendly, leading to higher customer satisfaction and increased booking rates.

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