Simply West Coast sauces were born in a restaurant kitchen, not a lab. Their promise is that you can enjoy gourmet seafood at home, simply.

When we were first introduced to these sauces and marinades, they sat nameless in squeeze bottles. But when we tasted them, that was something else. But a fantastic range of products wouldn’t get into other hands unless they could engage the customer on the shelf and prompt trial.

The first stage of the project involved exploration of the product and research that identified a niche position. Brand name and values were defined and an identity was created. From there the point-of-purchase environment and competitive landscape were considered along with efficient and responsible packaging and a label design system was created for the immediate and future sauce line.

The next phase was to target gourmet food outlets and fish markets to get the sauces on the shelves. Wholesale materials and a web presence were created and the sauce line was snapped up eagerly by retailers across British Columbia and has built a solid distribution channel and is being stocked by specialty seafood outlets and gourmet food shops including Urban Fare and Whole Foods.

Twin Fish was responsible for the project in a full production capacity including brand strategy, naming, packaging design, custom photography, supplier liaison and print management.

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