The Fishbowl is going Virtual!

christine | July 14th, 2010 | 11 comments

The Twin Fish studio is going virtual in its 15th year of business.
Reason to celebrate? We think so.

Change is invigorating. It’s giving us the chance to ‘clean studio’ and evolve with the virtual times. Less time spent on the operational side of our business means more time to focus on what we love doing for our clients. And as our studio space has outgrown our needs – and our lease is up – we’ve decided to refine our business structure.

We have already been working incredibly efficiently for our clients with our ‘virtual’ network of suppliers and designers so not much really changes – other than we won’t be able to offer our studio as a meeting place. Perhaps more of a reason to visit our clients’ spaces more often which is great.

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Congratulations Fish People!!! :)

I shut my office and went virtual in 2007 – wow…it was the best thing I ever did. Maybe its not for everyone BUT not having to sit in traffic for 2 hours a day is a boost to my life and the life around. So congratulations…I am sure….like us…you will wonder why it took you so long to realize the wonder of the virtual business. Especially given technology today…it amazes me more companies don’t take advantage of it.

All the best, Kerri, SharePoint CRM Expert

Good for you guys and yes…change is fantastic and also needed to keep things fresh and engaging. Have fun and best of luck during your transition. Don’t forget that we are just a phone call away if you need anything.

Isabelle, Catalyst at LeapZone Strategies

Always great to hear about positive changes !
We wish all of you splendid happiness and more, much more business…if you do need a boardroom or meeting space, ours is always open to you. Cheers

Great decision. Client service should be centre of focus, not an office. Or commute for that matter. 90 minute commute each way x 5 days per week x 50 weeks = 375 hours = 15.6 days per year!!! Based on those numbers, take the rest of the month off ;-)

Rich Scott
Clarity Business Strategies

Congratulations! Cheers to your next chapter….

Pretty sure you could have titled that post “Living the Dream”…congrats!


This is a great move. I have been partially virtual for years and love it.

Enjoy the virtual reality,
Stacey at Salt Marketing

Congrats on a great move! Change is always a catalyst for creativity, which is your forte… Going viral means freedom and both you and your clients will love it! All the best!

Congratulations fishes!

Virtual is the way of the future. You can do all the same good work, keep costs to a minimum all whilst being more environmentally friendly. Good luck – I am sure it will go well.

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