Perspectives on Digital Printing

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Digital printing – a designer’s perspective

Comparing the details between digital and offset

Comparing the details between digital and offset

Lately we’ve felt at the mercy of technology when it comes to short-run digital printing. If a client doesn’t need a large quantity of pieces, digital printing is certainly the way to go. However, from a designer’s perspective, printing digital doesn’t always meet our expectations.

In efforts to manage this expectation. I recently quoted a project for a client offering 3 print method options:
1) Standard Digital (Igen)
2) High Quality Digital (HP Indigo)
3) Offset Printing (Stochastic)

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Modular Branding

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Building a brand on a modest budget  TF_Modular-ArticleIcon_post2

Marketing efforts and budgets are often focused on the production of collateral, as opposed to really understanding how to reach the audience and engage them. When sales targets aren’t met, quick-fix promotions are then used to make up shortfalls. The typical end-of-quarter panic is focused on the cheapest way to promote and achieve sales targets – “Let’s produce a cheap brochure!” – again, focused on collateral, not the audience.

Quite often responses to the ‘eleventh hour panic’ promotion achieve short-term objectives. But it’s just that – short term. The problem has merely been put on hold until next quarter. Unmemorable and unfocused efforts inhibit business momentum.

Of course, there is a better way…

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Behind the scenes of a seafood photoshoot

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SWC-Photoshoot3_postEver wondered what goes into a custom food photoshoot?
We thought it would be interesting to share a little ‘behind the scenes’ of what it takes to get a scrumptious food shot (well 6 scrumptious seafood shots actually).

A custom photoshoot starts with hours of planning and preparation before the day of the photoshoot…

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