Simply West Coast News!

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It’s an exciting weekend for Simply West Coast and us!

Twin Fish Creative has designed a new line of seafood products that are being launched this weekend at all locations of Marketplace IGA, including Fresh St. Market in West Vancouver. The new products include scrumptious seafood soups, natural seafood sausages, wild fish portions (like black cod and sockeye), and wild halibut, sockeye, and shrimp burgers. We are quite proud of this line with the Ocean Wise™ seafood and natural ingredients – sustainable, healthy and delicious.

10 years ago, Twin Fish Creative was hired to create this brand from scratch which started with a line of gourmet seafood sauces that are still selling strong today. In 2012, Coldfish Seafood Company acquired Simply West Coast to complement their exceptional line of fresh and frozen seafood, and have continued to use the finest natural ingredients to create a true West Coast food experience. Yummy.

The Fishbowl is going Virtual!

christine | July 14th, 2010 | 11 comments

The Twin Fish studio is going virtual in its 15th year of business.
Reason to celebrate? We think so.

Change is invigorating. It’s giving us the chance to ‘clean studio’ and evolve with the virtual times. Less time spent on the operational side of our business means more time to focus on what we love doing for our clients. And as our studio space has outgrown our needs – and our lease is up – we’ve decided to refine our business structure.

We have already been working incredibly efficiently for our clients with our ‘virtual’ network of suppliers and designers so not much really changes – other than we won’t be able to offer our studio as a meeting place. Perhaps more of a reason to visit our clients’ spaces more often which is great.

Celebrating with John Fluevog at the MOV

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Walking down memory lane with John Fluevog and friends

It’s 1995, and Twin Fish Creative has just officially opened. Not too long after, through a trail of close connections, we end up with John Fluevog as a client. Amazing of course, and what creative inspiration!

Fast forward 15 years, and the catalogues we produced in collaboration with John will be on display as part of the retrospective celebrating the history of Fluevog Shoes and friends. We’re very excited to have played a part in the ever-evolving Fluevog phenomena.

We’ll be at the MOV for the Opening Night May 13th. Maybe we’ll see you there, too!
Fox, Fluevog & Friends at the Museum of Vancouver

Twin Fish Fluevog Catalogue Design - Launched Spring 1996

Inspired by a School of Fish

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Shannon Reynolds holding up his new card.

Shannon Ronalds with his new business card.

We’re excited to announce the launch of a new identity recently done for The School of Fish Foundation.

This Vancouver-based non-profit organization was co-founded by Shannon Ronalds and celebrity Chef Robert Clark of C Restaurant, who is also a founding member of Vancouver Aquarium’s Ocean Wise™ program.

The mission of the Foundation resonated with our desire to give back in a way that’s relevant to our own brand and is focused on bringing attention to a globally-relevant environmental issue – the depletion of the world’s ocean resources.

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Perspectives on Digital Printing

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Digital printing – a designer’s perspective

Comparing the details between digital and offset

Comparing the details between digital and offset

Lately we’ve felt at the mercy of technology when it comes to short-run digital printing. If a client doesn’t need a large quantity of pieces, digital printing is certainly the way to go. However, from a designer’s perspective, printing digital doesn’t always meet our expectations.

In efforts to manage this expectation. I recently quoted a project for a client offering 3 print method options:
1) Standard Digital (Igen)
2) High Quality Digital (HP Indigo)
3) Offset Printing (Stochastic)

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Modular Branding

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Building a brand on a modest budget  TF_Modular-ArticleIcon_post2

Marketing efforts and budgets are often focused on the production of collateral, as opposed to really understanding how to reach the audience and engage them. When sales targets aren’t met, quick-fix promotions are then used to make up shortfalls. The typical end-of-quarter panic is focused on the cheapest way to promote and achieve sales targets – “Let’s produce a cheap brochure!” – again, focused on collateral, not the audience.

Quite often responses to the ‘eleventh hour panic’ promotion achieve short-term objectives. But it’s just that – short term. The problem has merely been put on hold until next quarter. Unmemorable and unfocused efforts inhibit business momentum.

Of course, there is a better way…

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Paper bleaching blunders

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In traditional paper production, pulp is bleached with chlorine to achieve the bright white colour we’re used to. Unfortunately, the release of waste bleach water is the most serious environmental problem in the pulp and paper industry. To avoid the bleach, look for paper that is processed chlorine free (PCF) or totally chorine free (TCF). These papers are whitened with oxygen-based compounds, rather than chlorine compounds. Another alternative is elemental chlorine-free (ECF) paper, which is produced with a chlorine derivative, but without the more harmful elemental chlorine.

Behind the scenes of a seafood photoshoot

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SWC-Photoshoot3_postEver wondered what goes into a custom food photoshoot?
We thought it would be interesting to share a little ‘behind the scenes’ of what it takes to get a scrumptious food shot (well 6 scrumptious seafood shots actually).

A custom photoshoot starts with hours of planning and preparation before the day of the photoshoot…

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Is your paper certifiable?

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You may have noticed the “FSC-certified” logo on some paper packages or printed materials. What does it mean? FSC stands for the Forest Stewardship Council, an “international organization that brings people together to find solutions which promote responsible stewardship of the world’s forests.” The FSC-certified label allows consumers to recognize wood and wood products that are responsibly harvested and processed – so you can feel good about your choice.

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Veggie inks: not just for vegetarians

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Ever noticed the strong chemical smell coming from products that have just arrived from the printer? That’s the smell of petroleum-based ink. These inks have high levels of solvents, which, if sent to a landfill, can leach into the water table. As an alternative, request vegetable-based ink for your next project. They are more biodegradable, renewable and easier to de-ink during recycling. We also find they give brighter colours and rub off less on the hands – so there’s really no down side.